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Sustainable & Green Finance

Sustainable & Green Finance




The market for sustainable finance has
The program will cover the essential concepts of sustainable finance and investments along with the market mechanism and instruments, investment strategies, financing instruments national in the context of the international agreements, standards and frameworks.

Module 1: Sustainability, finance and sustainable finance (concept and definition)

  • Financing and investment decision
  • Capital structure & financing options.
  • Sustainable assets and operations
  • Ethical and responsible investment vs sustainable and green investment
  • The right assets: sustainability parameters & return potentials
  • ESG risk and opportunities
  • Financing for sustainable development

Module 2: Climate change and finance (scientific context)

  • Climate change & limits of economic growth
  • Planetary boundaries & doughnut economics
  • Climate adaptation, mitigation and resilience
  • Linear and circular economics
  • Economic valuation of the climate change (from scenario analysis to financial implications of climate risk)

Module 3: Institutional agreements (international context)

  • Global context: International agreements - IPCC, Conference of Parties, Sustainable Development Goals {SDGs}
  • National context: Carbon tax, green development & international commitments (i.e. NDC).
  • SDG localization & Financing for SDGs

Module 4: Financial value of the environmental changes

  • Green accounting, the UN SEEA & green GDP
  • Impact investing & social return on investment
  • Overview of the valuation techniques

Module 5: Role of financial institutions in sustainability

  • Central and commercial banks
  • Non-bank financial intermediaries and funds
  • Stock market
  • International institutions

Module 6: Sustainable and green financial instruments

  • Fixed income securities
  • Equity finance
  • Hybrid instruments

Module 7. ESG due diligence for sustainable finance

  • ESG due diligence
  • Assurance and verification

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