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The introduction of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with accompanying targets has been instrumental in standardising sustainability practices and policies around the world. The goals are global in nature, but the implementation of the goals must be aligned with the local circumstances of the individual countries at various stages of economic and social development. Hence, SDG localization initiatives have been increasingly recognised as the most pragmatic way forward to achieving the global goals.

Our SDG localization program has been designed for addressing the sustainability practices at the local government level which can be reproduced and are scalable to implement sustainability policies on a national level. The program is run with a tripartite collaboration model with action research involving the government agencies, academic institutions, and industry partners. The training and research scoping is done with the university partner while the action research is conducted in the government agencies of the host countries.

The programs are customised.

Previous Projects

Action research for SDGs localization in Bangladesh (Program 1 & 2)